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Hebrew Tutor: In Person or by Skype
with David Spiegler

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Hebrew Tutor
In Person (Denver) or via Skype


The Adventure Rabbi Program provides high quality, efficient Hebrew Tutoring by Skype, Facetime, or in person from master level teachers.

David Spiegler - Hebrew TutorBackground:
David is a Psychologist with a doctorate in child and adolescent psychology, and a love of Judaism nourished over many years.  Raised in an Orthodox home as a child, a Conservative synagogue through adolescence, and Reform congregations as an adult, he has always been a leader in his community, serving as President, chair of numerous committees, lay cantor for services and holidays, and as a long time teacher in various religious school settings, covering 3rd grade through Confirmation. Currently, he teaches 6th grade Hebrew, and prepares students for B’nei Mitzvah at his home congregation in the Denver, Colorado area. 
Over the course of 40+ years, in addition to helping children and families resolve some of life’s most difficult trials, David has taught Judaism and Hebrew to students who presented with a wide range of skills and needs, including many with significant cognitive and emotional challenges. He creatively channels his clinical problem-solving experience and expertise, into his teaching strategies with children. Just as every child has her/his own particular learning style and pace, through a brief diagnostic interview with each student and family, he incorporates that information into a teaching strategy unique to that student.

David strongly believes in meeting and accepting children and families where they are at that moment in their religious and secular lives. Working in concert with the Rabbis, he develops realistic and respectful plans of preparation, enabling students and their families to realize a deeply meaningful and joyous B’nei Mitzvah experience.

In David’s Own Words, Why He Does This Work
"I have loved teaching as far back as I can remember. There is nothing more exciting for me than those first moments when a child, adolescent, or even adult, first grasps a skill or an idea that unexpctedly opens up new worlds of understanding and opportunity, i.e., those 'ah-ha' moments, especially in children’s lives, when the thrill of new learning makes the world suddenly, and gleefully bite-sized and manageable." 

"Helping young people prepare for becoming a Bat/Bar Mitzvah has always been, for me, one of those 'ah-ha' teaching experiences, the amazingly transformative passage from childhood to spiritual adulthood. To partner, with parents and Rabbi, in a child’s inevitable transformation over this period is, for me, a rare and precious gift."

What Parents and Students Say About David:
“Thank you so much for working with Sam. It was amazing to see a kid who didn’t think he would ever be able to read from the Torah, stand with confidence in front of all his family and friends. It would never have happened without you. I feel like you really see Sam and connect with him. He looked forward to your sessions every week. Thank you for being gentle and understanding, and for setting expectations. It was an experience, and you are a teacher we will never forget.” -  Jill, Colorado

“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you. You poured in so much effort to help me succeed. I can't imagine that I would have become a Bar Mitzvah without your help.” Josh, Colorado

“David was exceptional in shepherding my son Seth from inception to completion in his Bar Mitzvah studies. He consistently yielded and pushed at the appropriate times and allowed for a stress free and confidence building process for Seth. The end result was a joyous experience for both the Bar Mitzvah boy as well as his parents.” – Debbie, Colorado

“David tutored both our son and daughter for their B’nei Mitzvah. We were extremely pleased with his teaching skills. He was alwys patient with them, providing continual positive reinforcement. His ability to easily adapt to their very different learning styles made their tutoring sessions pleasant and productive. We, and they shared in the joy of their mastery and accomplishment on those special days. – Liz and Scott, Denver

TIME: How Many Months of Hebrew Do You Recommend?
The formula is simple:
More time = Less stress.
Less time = More stress.

No Hebrew Background: 18- 24 Months:
If your student has no Hebrew training, then 18 months to 2 years of Hebrew, one hour once a week, is preferable. This timeline enables us to enjoy the first six months leisurely learning to read, leaving a full year for prayers and Torah. If your Bar and Bat Mitzvah student has minimal Jewish learning in general, this early start also enable us to have time in addition to our Hebrew studies to learn other Jewish subjects such as History, Bible stories, culture, holidays and even bake some raclage!

Fast Track: 10 Months
Despite the advantages of more time, there are plenty of students who go from not knowing the aleph-bet to completing their Bar and Bat Mitzvah Hebrew Tutoring in 10 months, one hour, once a week. This is tight, and more stressful. Students need to be prepared to push and be diligent, but it is possible. Most students have to give up some other activity in their lives to pull this off.  There will be little time for general Jewish learning, but some students elect to add an extra hour for general Jewish studies.

Proficient in Hebrew: 30 weeks
Students who have mastered their Hebrew but need Bar and Bat Mitzvah tutoring or coaching as they polish their prayers,  and learn their Torah and/ or Haftarah portions, generally need 30 weeks of 20 minutes a week. Generally student from Jewish Day schools or religious schools with solid Hebrew schools use this option for 30 weeks preceding their ceremony.

Students will succeed if they commit to 15 – 30 minutes of homework, 
at a regular time, in a regular place, 4-7 nights a week.

Scheduling for individual families is done directly with David.

Please email us so that we connect you with David to inquire about his current rates. You will find a "contact me now!" form at the bottom of this page.

Parent Involvement:
We ask that you be present for your child’s study sessions. This does not mean that you need to be sitting next to them the entire time, but we do ask that you be in the house and that you poke your head in occasionally unannounced so that your presence is a regular part of the learning process.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Hebrew Tutoring with the Adventure Rabbi program is fun, efficient, attainable, meaningful, and cost-effective. No more carpools, no more schlepping, no more classmates slowing down your son and daughter’s progress or pushing the teacher too fast so that your son or daughter is missing details they need to know.

Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah student will be taught Hebrew by a professional adult, not a college student who just loves Hebrew and is looking to pick up a few extra dollars, while eagerly learning how to teach.  We think learning Hebrew can and should be an enjoyable, transformative experience for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah student and your entire family. With the Adventure Rabbi Hebrew Tutoring Program, it will be.

Please feel free to email or call with questions or to request a complimentary 10-minute session.






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