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Scholar In Residence:
Bring the Adventure Rabbi to your Community!
Scholar in Residence for Rabbi Jamie Korngold

Rabbi Jamie Korngold is a dynamic speaker and teacher. She will customize a scholar-in-residence Shabbat, retreat or speaking engagement to inspire your community. Hold the date - visit the contracts page >>

Rabbi Jamie Korngold teaching at scholar in residenceSpeaking Engagements:
Rabbi Korngold, a PJ Author, is currently available to travel to country to teach about integrating nature and Jewish practice, and present her books The God Upgrade, God In the Wilderness and her children's book series, or to speak about many related topics.

Rabbi Korngold is an energetic speaker, who will captivate your group with lively discussions and experiential learning.

What one PJ Library Community Said about Rabbi Korngold's Visit:

Westchester Reform Temple (Scarsdale, NY) was thrilled to host Rabbi Jamie Korngold, the Adventure Rabbi, last spring. It was amazing because she was able to touch our prostatovesiculitis with a reading of "Sadie and the Big Mountain" during their weekly Shabbat service, elementary and middle school children and parents during a Shabbat hike at a local state park, and our general congregation during our Friday evening services. Adventure Rabbi led us indoors and out. We are so happy to have had her with us as a PJ author, as guide and leader, and as a one to lift our spirits and our spirituality.

Felicia Block
Special Projects Coordinator
Westchester Reform Temple

Sample Topics (formatted for a Talk with Power Point, Interactive Discussion, or Sermon):

  • The Upside of Downsizing (Jew thoughts on how "less" can make your life more meaningful.)
  • The God You Don't Believe in, I Don't Believe in Either: A Rabbi's Confession (How Judaism can be relevant and meaningful without a God in the Sky God concept)
  • Conscious Consumption (Jewish teachings about green living. Includes Talmudic references and action items)
  • The Story of the Adventure Rabbi (An intriguing story of an adventurous woman's journey in the rabbinate and the unique program she created.)
  • Stop Trying so Hard! Even God Isn't Perfect (The dangers of overachieving)
  • Shabbat, # 4 on God's Top Ten List (accessible and meaningful ways to practice Shabbat)
  • What Trees, Rocks, and Mountains Can Teach us About Shabbat (How the outdoors can help us reclaim a meaningful Shabbat practice)
  • Re-Calibrating Our Awe Meters (How to find spiritual uplift in our every day lives, even if you live far from wilderness)
  • Why We Hate Snakes (A humorous historical look at the fractured relationship between Judaism and nature and how these ancient mores still impact us today)

Sample Scholar-in-Residance Schedule

This group asked for programs for a variety of ages, some physical some not, but with an emphasis on hard to reach groups such as ages 20s/30s
Friday 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Welcome Dinner - All Ages for weekend participants (or just with planning committee) with Rabbi Korngold

7:30 - 9:00 p.m.


Kabbalat Shabbat Service - All Ages
Song filled evening service led by Rabbi Korngold on guitar. Special Adventure Rabbi service is filled with readings which envelope us in the spirituality of the outdoors. Includes a teaching or sermon. (see sample topics above)
Saturday 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.

Shabbat Hike: Geared for people in their 20s and 30s (or all ages)
We meet at a local park where we can hike. Emphasis of the day is to demonstrate how Judaism can be relevant, meaningful and accessible. Interspersed throughout the hike are teachings, discussions and a brief 20 minute Shabbat service. This song filled service led by Rabbi Korngold on backpacking guitar. She might also read from from a backpacking Torah and discuss the weekly parsha.

5:30 - 9:00 p.m.

Evening Havdallah Program - All Ages
We join together for dinner, havdallah (led by Rabbi Korngold on guitar) and energetic talk and discussion. (See sample topics above)

Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m Family Program for Families with Children (Examples of age splits might be Ages 0-5, 6-9, or 9-12 etc.)
On this age appropriate hike, Rabbi Korngold demonstrates how nature can enrich our Jewish experience. Through stories, songs (with her backpacking guitar) games and prayers, she engages children of all ages.
1:30 - 3:00 p.m

God in the Wilderness - All Ages
Rabbi Korngold speaks about her books God in the Wilderness and The God Upgrade and signs copies.

Call for availability 303.417.6200
Hold the date - visit the contracts page >>
Teaching God in The Wilderness at a local congregation

The pinnacle Adventure Rabbi experience is to gather a group from your community at a retreat center or lodge with access to trails, lakes, gardens or hills. Away from the pace of our frenetic lifestyles, we slow down and are able to focus and recognize the awe inspiring moments, places, and people that fill our lives. What a wonderful experience to build community and re-energize our connection to Judaism.

Rabbi Jamie Korngold is a magical community builder, creating varied opportunities for people to connect with themselves, each other and God. Her retreats can be geared for all ages.

All programs are customized for the group and can be done year round.

Sample Retreat Schedule
Erev Shabbat
5:00 - 6:00

Welcome Program (Orientation and sharing our hopes and expectations)

6:00 - 6:30 Kabbalat Shabbat
prayers and songs led by Rabbi Korngold on guitar, transition us into the peace and presence of Shabbat
6:30 -7:30

A Shabbat meal that someone else cooks and clean What a treat!

7:30 - 8:15 .


8:30 - 9:30 "Shema Stretches" Gentle Yoga Style Stretching integrated with Jewish Prayer
10:00 - 3:00 Shabbat Stroll, Hike or Snowshoe, with learning, discussions and Shabbat service (Special Adventure Rabbi service song filled service led by Rabbi Korngold on backpacking guitar. Includes a reading from our backpacking Torah.)
3:00- 4:00 Free Time
4:00 - 5:30

Study Examples:

  • Option 1: Text Study "I am but Dust and Ashes" How the Wilderness comforted Job
  • Option 2: Writing Workshop - we use creative writing techniques to process and integrate our learning
6:00- 7:00


7:30 - 9:00 Havdallah program: Rabbi Korngold presents talk leading into a discussion
9:00 - ? After hours social time
Sunday 7:30 - 8:30 Breakfast and optional morning stretches
9:00 - 12:00 Morning Hike or Snowshoe, with learning, service, song and discussion
12:00 - 1:00 Lunch
1:00 - 2:30
Closing Program: Bringing it all together and taking it home! How we will continue what we have learned.

Click here to have Rabbi Korngold contact you about
speaking or teaching at your event.

Call for availability 303.417.6200
Hold the date - visit the contracts page >>
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