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Parking and Dog Regulations applicable to Flagstaff Shabbat Service & Picnic

Flagstaff Mountain:
Shabbat with a View

Parking Fee Areas
All park visitors who do not reside in Boulder County and/or whose motor vehicles are not registered in Boulder County must possess either a daily or annual permit to park on Flagstaff Mountain or in Gregory Canyon.

Any county resident with Boulder County license plates will not be required to purchase a permit to park.
A county resident who does not have Boulder County license plates but does register their vehicle in Boulder County will have to obtain a resident permit to avoid the need for daily or annual permits. Residents must show proof of residency and current Boulder County motor vehicle registration to obtain a resident permit. These permits will be free of charge and good for the calendar year. Resident permits are available by mail or in person at: Open Space and Mountain Parks Administration, 66 S. Cherryvale Rd., Boulder, CO, 80303. Call 303-441-3440 for more information.

If you are not a Boulder County Resident:All visitors who do not reside in Boulder County must possess either a daily or annual permit to park on Flagstaff Mountain or Gregory Canyon. These permits may be obtained as follows:

Daily permits may be purchased for $5.00 at any one of six self-service stations located on Flagstaff Mountain.
Gregory Canyon - Base of Flagstaff Road
Panorama Point - 1.0 miles up Flagstaff Road
Crown Rock - 2.2 miles up Flagstaff Road
Realization Point - 3.4 miles up Flagstaff Road
Flagstaff Summit - 0.5 miles up Flagstaff Summit Road from Realization Point
Lost Gulch Overlook - 4.3 miles up Flagstaff Road
Daily permits may also be obtained at the information station located at Panorama Point when the attendant is on duty during summer weekends.
Annual permits may be purchased for $25.00 as described above.

Call 303-441-3440 for more information.

Dog Regulations
Please be careful bringing your dog to OSMP. Dogs must be leashed while on OSMP land. In some areas, dogs may be allowed off leash if they are always within sight of the guardian and can meet the standard of voice control at all times.

Other dog regulations, such as "dogs must be on a hand-held leash" and "dogs are prohibited," are in effect in other areas.. Please check these regulations before bringing any pet onto Open Space & Mountain Parks. Dogs observed harassing or menacing any person, wildlife or livestock may be destroyed by a city of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks ranger or other authorized person. Visitors are legally responsible for picking up and disposing of their pet's excrement. OSMP has a special page for dog owners with a map of dog regulation and management areas. The city's public dog parks are safe places to let your dog off the leash.

Why: Dogs must be controlled when visiting Open Space & Mountain Parks in order to limit negative impacts on the environment and other visitors. Dogs can scare or chase wildlife and just their scent can affect the behavior of wildlife. Control of dogs is also necessary to provide a good experience for all visitors. Some visitors fear dogs or have had their dogs attacked by other dogs. Controlling dogs also helps protect the dog and its owner. Dogs sniffing in prairie dog holes can pick up fleas carrying bubonic plague. Dogs can be stung by insects, sprayed by skunks, eaten by mountain lions, infected with rabies or distemper, injured or lost. Dog poop is very damaging to the environment. OSMP estimates that about 30 tons of dog poop are left behind on OSMP land every year. That's the equivalent weight of 15 Ford Explorers!

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