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Adventure Bar & Bat Mitzvah Class
Schedule for 2016-2017


An alternative Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Class
taught by Rabbi Jamie Korngold
with Jeff Finkelstein
and guest appearances by Elaine Barenblat
combining outdoor adventures with Jewish learning
based in Boulder Colorado.

Schedule for the 2016-2017

#1 Orientation (w/parents) 1.5 hours
(note: 2017-2018 add-15 minutes and 30-minutes in between sessions):

After you register for the class, please select a session to a attend:

Sunday August 14, 2016
9:45-11:15 (7 slots)
11:45-1:15 (7 slots)
1:30-3 (7 slots)

Monday August 15, 2016

6-7:30 (7 slots)

Sign-up for a slot here>>

What: Orientation for students and their parents
Topic: An introduction to the program
Where: Adventure Rabbi Headquarters
Pack: Pen to take notes, parent's laptop, student's laptop if they have one

Details: Families will pick a session to attend to learn about the details of the class. Families will be placed into groups of 6 students with their parents.

1. 45-minutes with Rabbi Jamie to review general class details and assignments
2. 15-minutes with Elaine Barneblat to review Hebrew expectations
3. 30-minutes with Jeff Finkelstein for computer orientation including signing up for Facebook group (parents), Googledocs (students), registering for upcoming events and everyone calls Rabbi Jamie and Jeff's cell phones so all numbers are in phones

#2 Hike(w/parents)
August 21, 2016 (Sunday)
3- 5 pm
(Group B 12:30-2:30)

What: Hike for students and their parents (Please note: due to permit issues, we cannot invite siblings, grandparents, other family members or dogs)
Topic: An introduction to the program and each other
Where: Chautauqua Park, Boulder, CO
Pack: Please see list below

Parents and students meet on the southwest corner of the Great Lawn at Chautauqua, under the tree by the picnic table. (Just east of the Chautauqua Park Ranger’s cottage.) We start and end classes promptly, so please be on time. As you know, parking at Chautauqua is difficult. Give yourself 15 minutes to find parking.
Come prepared to hike 1.4 miles, half up hill, half downhill.

Parents who are not in good enough shape to hike should not take this on as a personal challenge. Please discuss options with Rabbi Korngold.

Parents and students will not be hiking together so you each need your own water!

Packing List
- backpack big enough to hold the following
- snack
- water
- good hiking boots/shoes
- sunhat
- sunglasses
- sunscreen
- if you ever use an inhaler for breathing issues, please bring it
- whistle (emergency)

Depending on the weather, you may not need these, but check the weather.
- warm hat and gloves
- fleece sweatshirt
- rain pants
- rain jacket (always good to have just in case!)
- small flashlight (always good to have just in case!)

#3 Shabbat Service and Picnic (w/parents)
August 26, 2016 (Friday) 6 pm - 8:30ish pm

What: Friday night Shabbat services and picnic on Flagstaff for students and their families. You are welcome and encouraged to bring other family members but still, sadly, no dogs.
Topic: An introduction to Shabbat with our congregation
Where: Sunrise Amphitheater, Boulder, CO
Pack: Picnic dinner, tablecloth and appropriate clothing for the weather. It's cooler up there than in town.
Rain: In case of inclement weather, we meet under the Jaycee Shelter, just beyond the parking lot for the
Sunrise Amphitheater,

Details: Students will join our congregation for our Friday night service on Flagstaff. Students will be introduced to and blessed by the congregation. Entry fee for student and one adult is included your tuition. We encourage you to bring other friends or family. The entrance fee is $10/ adult and $5/child. For details about and payment for this event please visit here>>

#4 Peak Climb(w/o parents) (note for Sept 17, make return timr 5-6pm)
Group A: Sept 11, 2016 (Sunday) 7:45 a.m. - 4:30- 5:30 p.m.

Group B: Sept 17, 2016 (Saturday) 7:45 a.m. - 4:30- 5:30 p.m.
What: Climb 10,013' Deer Mountain

1. Being Part of a Group: Challenges, Rewards and Responsibilities.
Introduction to Outdoor Judaism (topic continues throughout course)
3. Becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, What Does It Mean?
Where: Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Bar Mitzvah Adventure ClassParents will be helping carpool to Rocky Mountain National Park. Pick up spots will be our office 5353 Manhattan Circle and Lucky’s Market North Boulder
• 7:45 Pick-up #1 meet at 5353 Manhattan Circle Suite #103 Boulder CO 80303
• 8:00 Cars leaves from Manhattan Circle (If you miss us, please meet us at Lucky's!)
• 8:10 Pick-up #2 meet at Lucky’s Market 3960 Broadway St. Boulder, CO 80304-1104
• 8:20 Cars leaves from Lucky Market (If you miss us, please meet us in RMNP!)
We will need drivers and would love if 3-4 parents, who are strong hikers, could drive and then also join us for this hike. Please let Rabbi Jamie know.

Return: We will be down from our hike around 3:30 pm and will be home between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. We will pass around a cell phone for students to call you when we get back into cell range in Lyons, about 15-minutes before we reach north Boulder and 30-minutes before south Boulder. Pick up your kids at the same place you dropped them off, Lucky's in North Boulder and at our office in south Boulder.

Packing List
- backpack
- camelback or other bladder you can put in your backpack so you don't have to stop hiking to drink, filled with 2 liters of water
- lunch
- hiking snacks (you might also want to pack a separate snack and drink for the ride home)
- good hiking boots/shoes
- sun hat & sunglasses
- sunscreen
- if you ever use an inhaler for breathing issues, please bring it
- (optional) camera
- (optional) flower/tree/bird guides
- whistle (emergency)

Hopefully these will stay unused in your pack but they are important to have in an emergency:
- warm hat and gloves
- fleece sweatshirt
- rain pants
- rain jacket
- small flashlight

Wear this:
-hiking shoes
-non-cotton socks (I prefer to wear a liner sock beneath my hiking socks. The combination prevents blisters because the socks rub against each other rather than your skin. The friction is what causes a blister.)
-T-shirt (I prefer non-cotton one with SPF sun protection as I burn easily)

Please leave behind:
- all electronics other than camera
- Bar and Bat Mitzvah students can bring a cellphone, but can only use it to call home when we are heading home. They may not text or use as a camera.

#5 Rosh Hashanah Winter Park (w/parents and famiies)
Goups A and B:
Oct 1-3 (Sat-Mon)

Sat 10 am - Mon at 12 noon

Note: Students will have to miss school for this.

This year's Rosh Hashanah retreat takes us back to Snow Mountain Ranch, the YMCA Camp in Winter Park. Long a favorite of our community, Snow Mountain Ranch offers great hiking, inspirational views, great group gathering spaces and affordable lodging.

We begin our retreat Saturday at 10 am, with just the families in our class. We enjoy special time together, hiking, learning and depending our friendships. the rest of the congregation will join us at 5 pm on Sunday.

This is not a drop-off event. Parents, please plan on joining your bat or bar mitzvah student.

Fees for bar and bat mitzvah students and 1 adult included in tuition. Pay only for meals and a lodge room. You are invited to bring other guests and pay separately for them. (Sorry again, no dogs. )

10 am Arrive at Snow Mountain Ranch and gather for first hike up Grand View, an intermediate trail up Nine Mile Mountain to a beautiful lookout point. It is 3 miles out-and-back. Elaine Barenblat will be with us and provide a fun program for siblings who are too young to hike. Please pack a lunch, water bottle and your hiking gear.

After the hike, we will enjoy some hang-out time, perhaps a massive game of capture the flag, dinner and evening activities.

On Sunday we enjoy a hike on the Waterfall Trail and the Grand View Trail. This is a fairly easy 2.5 mile round-trip hike. As we hike we learn about Judaism, Rosh Hashanah and ourselves.

On Sunday in the later afternoon, the rest of our community will begin to arrive. For details of this event from this point please visit>>

#6 Kol Nidre (w/parents)
October 11, 2016 (Tuesday) 7 -9 p.m.

Casey Middle School, 1301 High St. Boulder, CO
The class joins our congregation for Kol Nidre. Fees for bar and bat mitzvah student and 1 adult included in tuition. Not a drop off event. Student and one adult are required to attend and the rest of your family is invited to sign-up and come.
For details of this event please visit>>

#7 Yom Kippur (w/ and w/o parents)
October 12, 2016
(Wednesday) 3:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Chautauqua Community House Boulder CO from 3:30-5:15 pm is a program for middle school and teens. Then, adults please join your students for the hike from 5:30-6:30 pm, which is free and open to everyone. Students are expected to be there for both the session and the hike and we will not be supervising them on the hike so we do need parents for that part! Fee for student is included in tuition.

For details of this event please visit>>

#8 Theology and Life Skills (w/o parents)
Group A October 30 2016
(Sunday) 9 - 11:30 a.m.
Group B
October 30 2016 (Sunday) 1 - 3:30 p.m.

Change a Tire, Jumpstart a Car, Write an Email, and oh, What is God?
What: Indoor and Outdoor Workshop
Theology and Life Skill Workshop
This week we discuss God concepts and then learn to change a tire, jump-start a car, write a polite email, craft a thank-you note, and create holy relationships.

1) Holiness. Finding God in relationships. What does it mean to be holy? Blogging, Lying, Gossip, Friendship, Kiddish, Kaddish, Holy time, Havdallah.
2) Can God help you fix a flat tire? Can prayer? Taking responsibility for yourself in life.
Where: Adventure Rabbi Headquarters, 5353 Manhattan Circle, Suite 103, Boulder, CO 80303

#9 Full Moon Hike(w/o parents)
Group A November 14, 2016
(Monday) 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Group B November 15, 2016 (Tuesday) 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
What: Moonlit Hike
Topic: Dress warmly and if its slick out, put Yaktrax on your hiking boots! Discussion about Judaism and the moon.
Where: Ranger's Cottage, Chautauqua Park, Boulder, CO

#10 Chanukah Celebration (w/parents) Groups A & B
December 14 , 2016 (Wednesday) 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

What: Chanukah Celebration with Dinner and Discussion for students, siblings and parents with Adventure Rabbi Kids (our alternative religious school) Led by Rabbi Evon Yakar, Elaine Barenblat and Rabbi Korngold.
Topic: Chanukah: What is the holiday truly about?
Where: Bear Creek Elementary School

Bring: Dinner, chanukiah (menorah) candles, matches

#11 Service Planning Session (w/parents) Groups A & B
January 18, 2016 (Wednesday) 6:15 - 8:30 p.m.

What: Service Planning Session for students and parents
Topic: We will walk through the entire Bar or Bat Mitzvah Service to explain the flow of the service, how to assign parts, set up the room and prepare for the ceremony.
Where: TBD
(JCC? CUCC? AR hdqrts?)
Bring: Student's Binder and pens

Note: Please feed your kids dinner before the class

Iron Chef Shabbat Showdown (w/o parents)
Group A Feb 15, 2017 (Wednesday) 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Group B Feb 13, 2017 (Monday) 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
What: Indoor Workshop
Topic: Iron Chef Shabbat/ Shabbat Showdown: Make a Matzah Ball, Bake a Challah
Where: Rabbi's home
Details: Small teams compete to make matzah balls and Challahs and are judged by discriminating judges on creativity, presentation, team work and of course taste. Based on the Cooking Channel's Doughnut Showdown

#13 Snowshoe Adventure (w/o parents)
Group A Sunday March 12 (Sunday) 8:00 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Group B Saturday March 11 (Saturday) 8:00 a.m. - 4 p.m.
What: Spiritual adventure on Snowshoes (snowshoe rental not included)
Topic: What does Judaism teach about our responsibility toward the Earth? Discussion about the art of "less."
Where: Rocky Mountain National Park
Parent Drivers needed for this program.

I will ask you to post a comment on our Facebook Page that will let me know at which location (see below) we will meet your son or daughter. We have three parent drivers who are driving and snowshoeing with us. 

1. Pick up and Drop off Locations:
Pick up spots will be our office 5353 Manhattan Circle and Lucky's Market North Boulder

* 8:00 Pick-up #1 leaves from AR Headquarters 5353 Manhattan Circle Suite Boulder Co 80303
* 8:20 Pick-up #2 leaves from Lucky's Market 3960 Broadway St Boulder, CO 80304-1104

2. Return: We will return around 4 pm. It's hard to give an exact time. Your kids will call you about 30 minutes outside of Boulder when we get back into cell range. Pick up your kids at Lucky's or AR Headquarters 5353 Manhattan Circle Suite Boulder Co 80303

3. Parents: Please help prepare student's gear in advance
One year we had a student come on this trip who was not dressed properly. He had low socks on and not enough warm clothing. He slowed down the entire group and eventually had to go back to the car early. It was a miserable day for him and affected the entire group.

I appreciate that your kids are becoming increasingly independent and many of them can pack all their gear themselves. But, since forgetting gear or bringing the wrong gear effects so many other people please supervise them. You can tell them, "Rabbi Jamie said I have to."

We will be outside all day so you will need to dress warmly, but in layers so you can take off layers as we work hard.

* Backpack large enough to hold everything you bring + the layers you shed.
* Snowshoes (Please make sure all the straps work. You can rent them at REI and Boulder Army Store. We usually end up at the start of the hike with one broken rental pair so double check.)
* Ski poles (you need baskets so make sure there are baskets!)
* Waterproof hiking boots (I use my regular, high hiking boots and treat them for snow)
* Warm non-cotton socks that are higher than your hiking books so snow does not come in
* 1.5 liters water (minimum)
* High energy snacks
* Lunch
* Warm hat
* Sun

4. Directions to Wild Basin Ranger Station: from the town of Lyons, follow the sign that says Hwy. 7 to Allenspark. Then be looking for a sign that says Olive Ridge Campground. Soon after this, you'll see a big sign on your right that says: Wild Basin Area/Rocky Mountain National Park. This is where you need to make a left turn into the park.

Before you drive into the park, you'll see the Wild Basin Lodge on your left. Continue past this to the fee area and after you pay your fee, follow the dirt road all the way to the end.

#14 Passover Seder In Moab Utah (w/ parents)
April 8-10, 2017
Groups A &B
Saturday: arrive set up tent, make your own dinner, Gather after dinner, drinks etc campfire,havdallah singing
Sunday: Hike in groups, dinner on your own
Monday: big event with dinner

We "get it" that many people can't take off work/school on Monday for our seder so if you know you can't come, save this for one of your two allowed absences. It really is the coolest Seder on the planet and most of the kids come so do try to make it work if you can! We don't want your family to miss out. Fees for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah student and 1 adult included in tuition. Led by Rabbi Evon Yakar, Elaine Barenblat, Jeff Finkelstein and Rabbi Korngold. Read more and register other participants here>>

#15 Community Service (w/o parents) This project may be changed
Groups A&B April 19, 2017 (Wednesday) 4 – 6pm
(Snow/ rain date April 20, 2017)
What: Community Service, clean-up of a park in Boulder
Topic: As bar and bat mitzvah it is incumbent upon us to take on more responsibility for the larger community. Today, we contribute by helping clean up one of the best used parks in Boulder.
TBD based on Boulder Parks' clean-up needs

#16 Hike (w/o parents)
May 6, 2017 (Saturday)
Group A: 9 - 12 noon

Group B: 2-5 pm
What: Hike in Boulder
Topic: Bringing it all together. What have we learned? Who have we become? Where to from here?
Where: Shanahan Ridge Boulder, CO

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