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Jewish Baby Naming Ceremony for Girls (Brit Bat):


The Brit Bat (Covenant of a Daughter) is the ceremony that parallels the boy's Brit Milah. In this ceremony, we welcome a new baby girl into the Covenant of the Jewish people with thanks and blessing. We symbolize her entrance into Jewish tradition by giving her a Hebrew name.

Generally, we hold this ceremony one month after the baby is born, rather than the eight days of the boy's Brit Milah. However, since this ceremony is a modern invention, there is no time set for the ceremony.

The service is generally held in the home, with a small gathering of friends and family. The service can be personalized with songs and readings chosen by the parents. We share stories about the meaning of the baby's name and the person for whom the baby is named, as well as ways in which we pray the baby will be like him or her.

The service generally lasts 20 minutes and may be followed by a light breakfast or luncheon.

Rabbi Jamie Korngold will be honored to officiate at your daughter's Brit Bat.

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Photos from Jewish Baby Naming Ceremonies:
Jewish Baby Naming Ceremony in Boulder, Colorado
Jewish Girl - Brit Bat Ceremony
baby naming by Rabbi Jamie Korngold - Colorado
Baby Naming - Brit Bat for Baby Girls
Jewish Boys have a bris.  Jewish girls have a brit bat - baby naming ceremony
Newborn baby Jewish girl - ceremony for naming with Rabbi
colorado baby naming ceremony for Jewish baby girl
Rabbi Korngold can perform a baby naming ceremony for your baby girl on Flagstaff mountain, outside Boulder, Colorado
Family members during Jewish Baby Naming Ceremony in Boulder, Colorado
Indoor Baby Naming Celebration - Colorado
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