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Bris - Circumcision Ceremony:

The bris or brit milah, is the covenant ceremony in which we welcome a baby boy into the world with thanks and blessing. A mohel performs the circumcision and the rabbi blesses the newborn and gives him a Hebrew name.

Generally, we hold this ceremony eight days after the baby is born, as commanded in the Torah.

The service is generally held in the home, with a small gathering of friends and family. The service can be personalized with songs and readings chosen by the parents. We share stories about the meaning of the baby's name and the person for whom the baby is named, as well as ways in which we pray the baby will be like him or her.

Rabbi Korngold or Rabbi Yakar can join the moel of your choosing in conducting a personalized ceremony for your family. Rabbi Jamie Korngold officiates at ceremonies in and around the Boulder, Colorado area while Rabbi Evon Yakar officiates at ceremonies in the South Lake Tahoe, California region.

Baby Naming Planner - PDF

Click here for the bris contract>>


Unsure about circumcising your son?

Not sure if circumcision is a good choice for your infant? Wondering if this is a barbaric practice?
Dr. Ed Schoen explores the health benefits and traditions
in this detailed book.

Ed Schoen, MD on Circumcision: Timely Information For Parents And Professionals From America's Expert on Circumcision More Details>>

A must read!

Boulder / Denver Mohels / Mohelets:
Although there are many excellent mohel and mohelet options in town, the two with whom Rabbi Korngold's work is most aligned are Dr. Susskind (Boulder) and Dr. Groupe (Denver). However, it is incumbent upon each parent to find the practitioner with whom you are most comfortable, both with their religious practice and their technical training. You can feel confidnet about the technical ability of all the practitioners listed here:

Dr. Karin Susskind, MD, Certified Mohelet

Dr. Sarah Grope, MD, Certified Mohelet
"Performing your son's Bris with spirituality and warmth"

Cord Blood Registry:

When your baby is born, you will want to store the cord blood with a reliable and trustworthy company. We recommend CBR, Cord Blood Registry.

About CBR:, "Our company mission is to give families hope for longer, healthier lives. We see a day when saving cord blood stem cells will be a routine practice and stem cell therapy will be the first line treatment for many of today's incurable diseases and injuries."

For information call 1-888-2272460 and mention this code to receive $150 discount. 507-COOO6235

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