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Renewal of Wedding Vows:

A renewal of vows ceremony is a wonderful way to celebrate a major anniversary or acknowledge a life-stage transition such as retirement or sending your youngest child off to college.

Other couples who often choose to renew their vows are those who did not have a Jewish wedding. Often when one partner has recently converted to Judaism, couples wish to reaffirm their wedding vows with a Jewish ceremony.

Use your imagination to plan this low-stress celebration of your love! Perhaps an intimate gathering with just a few friends on a sailboat or a party of friends and family in your backyard.

The couple will meet with the Rabbi, generally for an hour, to share their visions for the ceremony and to plan the event. Outdoor venues are encouraged!

Rabbi Korngold, Rabbi Yakar or Rabbi Bogage can officiate at this ceremony.

For couples who wish to use the renewal of vows as a chance to enrich their relationship,Rabbi Yakar offers 4.5 hours of relationship enhancement, using Life Innovation's Prepare and Enrich program. This program is designed to help couples evaluate areas of strength and potential growth in their relationship and to discuss important relationship issues. It is intended for healthy couples, who wish to enrich their relationship. These sessions also aid the Rabbi in creating a personal and meaningful ceremony.

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