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Weddings for Interfaith Couples:

Rabbi Jamie Korngold will be honored to officiate at your interfaith wedding.

She will work with you to create the wedding ceremony of your dreams. Together, you will sort through the traditional Jewish wedding elements to decide which pieces you wish to keep and which to let go.

Rabbi Korngold's goal is to help you craft a wedding that is meaningful to you and inclusive of your varied guests. Couples and their parents love Rabbi Korngold's ceremonies because she makes everyone --Jews and non-Jews alike --feel welcome and included.

(Note: Please know that although her weddings are not halachic, they are at their heart Jewish. She is a rabbi and the tools she uses are Jewish. If you are looking for a non-religious ceremony, we do not offer those at Interfaith Weddings by Rabbisthis time.)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the Rabbi's requirements for performing an interfaith wedding?
A: Nothing! No classes, no book lists, and no synagogue dues. (Although she doesn't object to those!)

Q: How will we get to know the Rabbi?
A: The Rabbi meets with you for two sessions before your wedding ceremony.

Q: What if we live out of town or don’t have time for meetings?
A: Many of the Rabbi Korngold's wedding clients live out of town and even overseas. You might choose to fly in for one extended meeting, or do the work by Skype or phone. The most important work can be done over the phone in 2 sessions.

Q: Does Rabbi Korngold co-officiate with non-Jewish clergy?
Not at this time.

Q: Will Rabbi Korngold perform ceremonies on Shabbat?
A: Yes, after 5 pm on Saturday even if sundown is much later.

Q: What are the Fees?
A: Rabbi Korngold's fees represent the time and attention she gives to each couple. She will spend approximately ten hours preparing for each wedding. This includes meetings with the couples, writing
a personalized ceremony and officiating at the ceremony.
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Q: Where is Rabbi Korngold based?
Boulder Colorado

Q: Will Rabbi Korngold travel out of State or to other Counties?
Rabbi Korngold is willing to travel outside of Boulder and Denver to perform weddings, although the fees do increase to account for the additional time required to travel.

Q:How does the payment process work?
A: Wedding couples pay a 50% deposit to hold the wedding date. The final 50% will be charged on the day of your wedding. We accept Visa, American Express and Mastercard. Hold your date with a Contract>>


What Brides Say About Our Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies:

Thank you Rabbi Korngold! My wedding was everything I dreamed it would be and more.

Patrick's Catholic family had never been to a Jewish wedding and they all loved it.

My family was skeptical that our wedding would be authentically Jewish, and they loved it too! How did you manage that?

Thank you for bringing our families together in such a great way!


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